Strava and Zwift time not the same

Hi all,

So I’ve started spending more time in the virtual world. Today I completed my first race and it was awesome. I’ve connected zwift power and have a direct drive kickr with wahoo heart rate. My results was then posted on zwift power, strava and Garmin. My question is, on zwift power my results is 59:25 and on strava and garmin it’s 57 minutes. Can someone please explain the 2 minute difference or am I missing something.
Thanks in advance.

I’ve just sent you a request to follow in Strava so I can look at your ride there. I have no clues but I am curious!

Pictures please :slight_smile:

This isn’t what I would expect to see. The only possible scenario I can think of is if you sat in the pen for an extra couple of minutes at the start, or before you crossed the finish line.

So I must join the pen seconds before the race starts?

No sorry, that’s not what I meant. I meant if you didn’t move after the game timer hits zero. In some events (like the WTRL TTT) riders are asked to wait for a period of time after the event starts.

If you look at your companion app, you have two times. The ride time (57.43) and the race time (59.27). I think the latter may be because you set off two minutes after the first category to leave the pen?

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Is this always the case? So technically I completed in 57 minutes and the 2 minutes is a penalty due to second start group?

It’s not really a penalty because it’s the same for everyone in your group. It’s essentially a timer from the event start.

I am not 100% certain this is the case, but from everything you’ve shared I think it is probably the reason.

Thanks, makes perfect sense.