Event finishing times

Hi all,
I’ve just finished stage 5 of tour de Zwift, when I crossed the finish line it gave me my time of 1 hour 31 mins, which was correct. But when I go into my companion app it says my time is 1 hour 57 mins :flushed:, 27 min increase. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I joined the starting line about 27 mins before the stage so could it be this?? I’d much prefer to see my real time as can’t find any record of it other than the 1 hour 57 mins.
Cheers :metal:

Here is a link for you: Update: Tour de Zwift, Late Join and Race Results/Real-Time Position

Thanks Paul, some good info there, but still couldn’t find an explanation to the amount of time that was added on to my actual stage time.

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I agree with Ian - the Stage completion time isn’t retained in the Zwift records of the activity and it should be. The post from Paul explains that Zwift isn’t showing rankings anymore. But people still want to have a record of how long they took to ride the stage. I don’t want to see my warmup time lumped in with the stage, but it is.

Had the same thing on stage 5, joined the event 2 minutes before the start, did it in about 50min, cooled down for 10, Strava shows a ride time of 1hr. But my Zwift activities feed showed a ride time of 1hr 20min.