Stage 4 Group Ride - completion time not correct


Zwift companion app says my completion time is 4605142… not sure the units on that one. Minutes? Seconds? Putting me at 802nd position. This can’t be right. Anyone else experiencing this? Can anyone at Zwift fix this?


Did you start late? That seems to be a common issue

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Thanks for the reply! Actually, I started on time but my iPad froze after about 5min so I had to restart the stage. I assume that caused the issue with the weird completion time but this kind of thing has happened to me once or twice before. In the past the time corrects itself (or someone at Zwift is looking at it and makes the adjustment) once all the riders complete the stage. This must be a 2020 Tdz issue? No biggie, just would like to see my correct finishing time. Should be somewhere in the 46min range (not 4 million seconds or minutes!) but I wasn’t paying close enough attention.


Might give me an excuse to redo the stage. Or do the race instead of the ride…

I’m slow so often finish late and see this. After leaving and logging back in its all sorted. The best place to review my results is Zwiftpower, if you haven’t joined I recommend you do.

Hi Richard,

This has happened to me once or twice in the past, but usually the time gets sorted out. Not yet though. I assume it will stay as is. I started a ZwiftPower account sometime in early 2019 and really like the platform! I think ZP can only use the info they retrieve from Zwift. My time for completing this event in ZP says 23:59:59 and there are other times like this as well. So, the time is incorrect there as well.