Bug: ZwiftPower - Riders showing as having completed event who did not/quit

I did a Zwift group ride today (ZwiftPower - Login)

The rider list seems to include riders who did not complete the event. See for example “A” cat - the ride was 160km in length, with riders taking c. 4h20-4h30 (expected). But the “first place” (group ride, not race) rider finished in… 9 minutes at 153w. This is clearly not correct.

I believe zwiftpower is managed by Zwift now, correct? Who should I address this bug to?

Group rides don’t have results, so the listing that you’re seeing is effectively random.

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No, sorry Steve, I appreciate that you are trying to help, but I think you are incorrect on both counts. I’m saying that ZwiftPower incorrectly shows riders as having completed the event, who did not complete the event. And the rider order is otherwise correct/in finish order, not random.

It does not do this for all riders who didn’t complete the event (of which there were dozens), only for a small handful.

For example, A category had 51 riders sign up/join the ride in the pens. Only 4 finished the ride, to distance. So the majority of the 47 who didn’t finish are not shown (correct behaviour). However 3 riders who quit early and did not complete the event are shown (incorrect behaviour), with implausible ride completion times:

A rider did not complete a 161km ride in 7minutes, as ZwiftPower states. So this is a bug.


Yes, of course you’re right. I was thinking of the Zwift results themselves.

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Possible alternative cause is that late join has a bug and they only joined the event 7 minutes before they finished? Not sure offhand how ZP handles late joiners for example on timed vs distance events. If I look at ZP results for a past event, every rider shows full time result (eg. 1:00 hr). Are late joiners missing from results or were credited (for whatever that’s worth) the full time even though they might have joined late?

Zwift has told us they’re not working on zwiftpower so the odds of this being changed are probably extremely low.

I have seen some reports from people saying latejoin is broken and causes them to immediately quit, but that’s instantaneous not after some ride time. Also the riders would have had to “late-join” 4hours+ into the event, surely, when the late join maximum cut-off is 30 minutes, right? I could be wrong, but I don’t think this is related to late join, no.

If I view two of the example riders in Strava (2 of the 3 have public profiles), one rode 3km, the other 13km:

Is there someone from ZwiftPower we can have take a look?

Hi Paul, couldn’t quite parse . make sense of your response, sorry - the changes of what being changed?

I’ve seen group rides with similar results going back perhaps at least months. Always assumed that it was setup issue - either get listed in non-finishers section in Live, or list them in this spot. I’d hit up the organiser.

Thanks, should we not get this fixed at source if its an ongoing issue? Seems like a lot of work to keep pushing on ride organisers to have to manually clean up events til the end of time rather than fixing the bug, surely?

If its a setup issue then its not a bug so nothing to fix- not saying it’s not a bug but it happens with enough consistency to suggest it’s deliberate. And it happens infrequently enough to suggest it’s not a default setup option. If the organiser is experienced enough they should know whether they tweaked an option or not.

Except the response you’ll get back is that nothing is broken, because it’s a group ride, not a race, and so everything you’ve identified as incorrect just doesn’t matter. And that response could come from HQ as much as it could come from the organizer – depending on their outlook.

This isn’t a race, it’s a group ride. None of this means anything. If it was a time-based group ride, the order would be random (as everyone finished at the same time).

So you’re trying to get race-like data from a non-race. There’s nothing wrong with the data, it shows they didn’t do the full 4-5 hour ride, so I don’t see the problem, and neither will Zwift.


No spit it isn’t a race - I identified exactly this point in my original post, and never claimed it was.

But what a snobby and elitist non-answer, that only races “mean anything”, so dismissive. In what way do races “count” and group rides not? One may be more important to you, but that’s it. I expect date to be accurate for them both. The data is, simply, wrong.

Except it wasn’t a time-based group ride, it was distance-based, and the 3 riders shown as completing the rides in those times… did NOT. Its wrong. Simple.

No, I’m trying to get accurate data on the finish times people completed the event in, regardless of its type.

The data is clearly wrong. If you’re saying that data should be there, then explain why it isn’t for the other 47 riders who also didn’t complete the event.

I’ll contact the event organisers, I’m certainly not getting much useful information here.

It’s time-based group rides that produce random results, distance-based rides have actual finishing times so those can be used. Late joins are (or used to be) shown as 99:99-whatever and unfinished rides are not/should not be shown at all (or could be shown the same way), so this certainly seems like bug. Not that I expect Zwift to do anything about this, of course…

They have explicitly said they are not going to work on ZwiftPower. If it were a major bug affecting race operations, they would maybe start to care. Anything else, really no chance at all. I don’t waste my time reporting ZwiftPower bugs.

Heh, I wasn’t insinuating that your group ride is worthless. I was simply saying that you shouldn’t be looking for competitive information from a non-competitive group ride. Huge eye-rolls…

It’s just showing the data as it is. Like I’ve joined a group ride and quit early many times due to time constraints, or started late. But I may still want to see my stats. Sure, my finish time may be shorter than those who finished the entire ride, but it doesn’t matter as it isn’t a race. It’s just showing all the results.

So chill out and don’t look to compare yourself to other results in a group ride. If you want to compete, join a race instead, simple.

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Why should late joins or those who quit early have their results removed? I often want to still see my ride stats even when I don’t do the entire ride. As it’s not a race, what’s the harm? I see no bug here, works exactly as it should be working for a group ride.

I don’t really care either way, but the finish times for distance-based rides should be reserved for those who actually complete the ride. The 23:59:59 convention for late joins is okay (if a bit opaque) and could be used for other partial performances as well.


On somewhat related note, it would perhaps be nice as well if ZP had a column for distance travelled for each rider. In that way, even the time-based group rides, you’d have a measure for yourself on how far you went. Though of course the recommendation will come back to just use Strava if that’s what you want…