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I agree, but many similar or worse comments aren’t hidden. When I post something about a problem, I’m thinking about (1) the information needed to fix the problem, and (2) how to motivate people to act on it. Imagine if I successfully convinced staff that the company is “hopeless” - nothing is more demotivating than that. More likely, staff looking at those comments will tune it out as “haters gonna hate” and stop listening. Those outcomes don’t help me. Having worked in many tech companies, I assume most staff do care about bugs and usability problems. I often disagree with the company’s priorities (I’d prefer more attention to bugs and less new stuff) but the staff engaged on the forum have limited influence over that and shouldn’t be raked over the coals when things don’t go my way.

FWIW I flagged the comment, I didn’t delete it. The mods team can decide whether or not they want to reinstate it.

This is kinda my self appointed role (amongst others). Whilst I haven’t been as active on here due to how busy our winter is), I always flag issues that look concerning or something I feel that we should do something about.

I think we’ve probably derailed this thread enough for one day.

@DavidP is probably best placed to either help or know where to direct you.

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I assume what you want is to allow users to login to your app using their Zwift credentials. Or did I misunderstood?

That’s correct. Currently this uses the same login flow as the Zwift Launcher but the trouble is that I need to host a webview control inside the app which intercepts the redirect to http://zwift/ which happens when you click the start ride button after logging in.

What I’d like to do is use the default browser of the user so that they can take advantage of their password manager etc and this also removes a ton of complexity from RoadCaptain (I have to add a webview per platform which is a bit of a pain).

The idea I had is to supply a redirect url to local host on a specific port where road captain can listen for the authorization code.

I’ve tried some experiments with supplying a different redirect url in the initial authorization url but the launcher page will always redirect to http://Zwift/

Ideally it would be amazing if there is a way to have a unique client id to use for RoadCaptain when doing the authorisation (also to limit the scopes of the default tokens!) and have the redirect at the end happen to the redirect url supplied instead of http://Zwift/

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I can definitely appreciate your take on it Dave, but I guess I don’t believe that I’m enabling Zwift support to not engage by helping - if anything I’d hope that trying to help solve some of the simple queries frees up zwift support to tackle the more intransigent issues. Maybe I’m fooling myself!

I guess what rankles most James is that out of everything that I’ve posted, the one post you “actioned” was one that you took objection to, whilst you and your support colleagues have so far failed to action (or even acknowledge) any of the following bugs that I have logged so far (list below). I don’t know if this is “your” job, or David’s, or Shooj’s - but as a customer I shouldn’t really have to care. I’ve logged the issues, and they’re getting ignored. Perhaps you could steer the appropriate one of your colleagues to the list below, all of which are evidenced with screenshots, many of which have reports from multiple users, and many of which myself and others have even done some investigative work on to try and figure out the cause or common factors, to save you time.

As Dave says, I’m annoyed at the lack of support, but I’m actively involved in this community and trying to help and often try and resolve other people’s problems for them. I don’t “hate” Zwift, I love it, and that’s why I want to see it improved. So it pains me that I take the time to log issues, only to have them met with - as far as I can tell - complete indifference from Zwift. It would be great to see acknowledgement and action on the below, with them being moved to known issues, assigned a ticket with development, and a timescale quoted for fix:

This my not be your job but it should be someones:


They’re taking your time, effort and enthusiasm for granted and doing literally nothing about the embarrassing fact that it’s required in the first place. As I’ve said before, your efforts are admirable but unfortunately you’re not the first to try and make a difference, and you won’t be the last. It’s crap because it feels wrong to just ignore fellow subscribers who need help when you know the answer, or have a good suggestion. But the fact is the company demonstrably relies on this state of affairs. The actual support team actively direct people to this forum (or know less about the game than the userbase), and you can count on one hand the number of Zwift employees that actually engage here.

As you, I don’t ‘hate’ Zwift at all. I use it a ton, enjoy using it, promote it a lot and obviously I could stop my subscription at any point. I don’t want to. But it’s getting pretty bloody tiresome that the company exists as some sort of charity, reliant on volunteers.


If a user is fruatrated enough but restrained enough to write something as mild as “Zwift are hopeless”, and that is seen as somehow as offensive/unhelpful enough to be hidden from view, then I despair at this forum, I really do.

Are Zwift really so thin-skinned? Expecting users to suck up the continuous introduction of ridiculous bugs into the game, and the non-fixing of so many long-standing issues, but being outraged by being labelled as “totally hopeless”?



Speaking of getting in touch with the dev team, how about getting someone to add a timezone ( => DST schedule) field to events (and associated setup UIs) by the end of this year? Probably less than a day of dev work for what must be a ridiculous amount of manual reconfiguration and pestering plus abundant user confusion twice per year.

Let’s not forget about the trees that move on the ground.

I think that Zwift would function without this forum and the contributions made by many - which for the record, we are very grateful for.

You don’t have to spend your time providing support but we are grateful that you do.

I’ve worked in a number of other software development firms and the outside view is always omg so many bugs no testing at all, but that honestly isn’t the case (in terms of testing, obviously there are bugs).

I’m sorry that a number of you feel taken for granted - that’s not our intention, but there are only so many developers we have and so many hours they can work on fixing things as well as providing new functionality that is demanded constantly (demanded is a bad word, but I couldn’t think of a better one).

@D.A thanks for taking the time to highlight those list of issues. Whilst some are low priority and may not get fixed I’ll see if we can get someone to have a look.


Yes, this is a frustration and one that we do need to fix. You can imagine that any frustration that an event organiser feels for time changes are 100x more at HQ.

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I’ve forward your request to the team responsible for these matters.
If you don’t hear back from someone in a few days, please ping us back.


We should organise a Tour de Zwift (offices) to show all the work being done internally :sweat_smile:
Unfortunately we can’t :smiling_face_with_tear:

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It starts on the 9th :joy:


Thank you James, David, it would be good to see them being logged and addressed, some of them may seem like minor issues but they’re all irritating enough that I’ve taken the time to log them. The workout issues in particular are really irritating as someone that does workouts most/all days, and I’d really appreciate those getting fixed in particular:

which is my birthday!


How do you know they haven’t been logged already?

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Many probably aren’t flagged by anyone. As a moderator I still don’t read everything, and although there are a few of us it’s likely some comments don’t get seen by any of us.

We’ll respond to flags from other forum members of course, but even then I think it’s fair to say we’re individuals who sometimes differ in our responses to flags. So you might find something gets left/deleted depending on who responded to the flag.

I think you’ve (probably inadvertently) highlighted a big part of the problem with the current process, @DavidP , that I and others have gone over several times in other bug report threads - there’s never any feedback.

If an issue has been acknowledged internally within Zwift, then I would expect the issue to be moved to “known issues” so that it was clear to myself and others that the issue was being looked at and had been acknowledged. This is a reasonable courtesy I think and part of a normal feedback loop, but would also prevent (or at least reduce) instances of duplicate issues being reported/logged. It would also allow the customer-facing report to have the associated internal ticket ID assigned/attached to it, so that follow up is possible.