Bug: Zwift crashes if you edit an imported workout (TrainingPeaks)

Zwift offers a custom TrainingPeaks integration, so that your TrainingPeaks workout of the day syncs to Zwift and appears in a separate list in the workout selection view, just above “custom workouts” currently.

Some of the original issues such as duplicate workouts apeparing etc seem to have been resolved, but one bug looks to remain - if you attempt to edit the workout (as you can with other “custom” workouts, via the Zwift app, the app crashes completely.

This is on Apple iPad Pro, latest version of “iPadOS” and Zwift App 1.32.0 (106182)

I’ve not attached a screenshot since obviously there’s not much to show. If there’s a way of getting some kind of crash log on iPadOS then I’m happy to upload it, I just don’t know how to go about that, sorry - would need some help showing me how! :slight_smile:

Error still present in latest build (1.32.1 I think it is - December 2022). Edit button is present on the Training Peaks workout, but clicking it causes crash.

Hi can you let me know if this is on your radar already @James_Zwift @DavidP and plans to fix?