Edit Custom Workout

It seems like Zwift is changing the way to edit custom workouts regular. With the last update I am missing the functionality to edit a custom workout. I can start them, I can delete them, but I can’t edit them on my iPad I use for training.

Any ways how to change custom workouts? I don’t want to have a workout for each day :wink:


See this post

problem is since the last update. So this solution is not working for me :frowning:



Thanks for this post. When I saw Shuji’s post I assumed that meant an easy to find edit button would be available from 1.53, excellent. I didn’t think it meant the available workarounds wouldn’t work.

I’m on an IPad and can still edit workouts etc - is it possible other IPad users don’t have the same editing functionality through these workarounds?


And just edited this

The only problem was that the edit button for workouts was hidden by mistake for iPads in the 1.51 release when the new workout screen was launched. So that will be corrected in the 1.53 release.
The original workouts editor was not changed and should continue to work exactly as before if you access it through other means (e.g: while riding in game and going to the pause menu)

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Thanks, that’s what I hoped to hear.

@Marisa_Leitner_ALOHA As David says above the workout editor is still available and working you just have to be able to find it. The two workarounds I sent you above should take you to the workout editor no matter what device you use.