Custom Workout option not available on PC, Android phone, and iPad [February 2024] [v1.57.3 ]

Im on PC, when i go to workouts, custom workouts there is no option to create my own workout?

has this feature been removed , i have checked android and ipad versions and it is missing there too ?

Is there a workaround ? say importing a workout from Garmin perhaps ?



I don’t think so. I have just checked on laptop and IPad and Create Workout option is there on both under Custom Workouts.

Edit - just saw your other post. Agree it’s not available under running.

Hi @Mark_Parker2 ! I see how important it is for you to create your workouts, and I value the time you took to confirm that the option is also missing on your other devices. Could you please verify if you’re not in running mode? Workouts on Running Mode only give us the option to select one of our pre-made workouts or import a custom TrainingPeaks™ workout. If you are in running mode, you can switch to cycling by following the steps in this article. Once you have switched to cycling, you will be able to see the Custom Workout feature on your PC and iPad. However, please note that this option excludes Android phones. For more information, please refer to this article.