Creating a custom workout

Hi guys,
Really getting frustrated trying to do a custom workouts on Zwift. I use an IPad for Zwift App and Iphone8 for Companion App. Want to create my own workouts and have gone though You Tube video of how to do so but when I go into ‘Workouts’ then ‘Training’ on both devices their is no ‘Create your own’ at the bottom or anything on the sidebar to let me, as it says there should be on the YT video!

Seriously doing my nut in…any help much appreciated.


I’d suggest, but I don’t know if you can download the workouts to an iOS device.

Edit: Per, it can be done, but you need a computer with iTunes installed.

Thanks Jim, just not sure why I don’t have the ‘Create your own’ option come up as its supposed to do

Where iTunes = zwift I believe.

It’s not supposed to be there for tablets or ATV.

That should work, too. However, the support page actually refers to iTunes:

In order to add or share custom workouts with iOS, you need to access them first; this requires a computer with iTunes installed.

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Ah ok Ben , is it PCs only then?

Works for me on iPad, go to Workouts then Training, scroll to top of list on left, click on Custom Workouts and you will then see the Create a new workout button

The …or create your own option also shows for me just above the Back button

And it’s not available in the Companion app but should be available if you run Zwift on the iPhone, it’s certainly available if I run Zwift on my Samsung S8, but too fiddly/small to be really useful.

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Thanks Neville, just done that on IPad but doesn’t give me the options you said, maybe as its an older version, not really sure. It has the current update.

However,I have finally managed to sort it!!! Downloaded Zwift onto my computer at work and it gives me the options you mentioned. Made a workout, saved it and it has appeared on both my phone and IPad…yipeee. Thanks for the help

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Do you have an iPad Mini? According to the support page, custom workouts can be constructed on an iPad, but not on an iPad Mini.

My older iPad does have the option:

Yh I think mine is a mini mate. Thanks for update :grinning: