Where is the workout editor

I only have IOs device and don‘t find the workout editor. Under „custom workouts“ there is no button to create one.
Is there any possibility to create also workouts for running.
Which device do I need for the editor?
Thanks, Oliver

Hi Oliver,

Currently the iPhone and the iPad Mini version of Zwift do not have the ability to create custom workouts yet, as the UI is too small. However, you can import the custom workouts into your iOS device. In order to add or share custom workouts to/from iOS, you need to access them first; this requires a computer with iTunes installed. Please see our KB article to find the further instructions.

You should be able to create a custom workout on a supported PC, Mac or iPad.

Note: As for now custom workout feature is not available for running mode.

If you have any other questions, open a support ticket with us, and we’ll get back to you!

Hi @Fnu_Ashwani

Could I please suggest that this post is updated as it is rather misleading given your statement that custom workout feature is not available for running mode.