Create Custom Workouts on IPhone

Other than work and creating custom workouts on Zwift, I never use my personal laptop. My 11+ year old MacBook (yes, I still have it!) no longer supports the Zwift app. I really don’t want to buy a laptop just for Zwift. Can we please find a way to create custom workouts on our iOS and Android phones? That would be awesome!

You can create workouts - just use a text editor. Take a look at any workouts - you will see it is easy.
But I believe you cannot upload you workouts to Zwift server - afaik only from PC or MAC…

Many thanks, Milan! I opened the app through my iPhone, clicked on the workout/plan icon (same way with how I do it on my laptop) and I don’t see the “Create Custom Workout” option. Can you let me know how you do it?

I use android and you can create workouts on that

You have to copy and existing workout (if you already have custom ones you can use one of them or you can use one of the zwift ones - shown below), remove all segments, rename it, add your workout segments and then save it and it’ll be in your custom folder.

I haven’t used an iPhone so not sure if it is the same on them.

I mean open the file (zwo) in a text editor, edit and save as… But that is on your device, local - and as I wrote I do not know how to make it accessible in Zwift (on a PC you must copy custom workouts in a directory).
Another (easier) option to create workouts: