Edit a custom workout

Been away from Zwift for half a year and I find myself in trouble when I want to edit a custom wo. As I recall there was a “pencil” you could click on to get into edit mode. For me that :pencil2: is missing. Is there a bug or do we have a new way of editing?

What platform doe run zwift on? it is still there for me (windows 10)

I should have mentioned that of course. I use An IPad.

I know on android i have similar issues if you can copy the workout you want to edit you can do that then edit the copy as a bit of a workaround. then delete the original.

Thanks for the tip. It turns out I can’t copy either.
I just created a new wo that will be mine workaround.

Interesting. On my iPad I have the three icons for edit/copy/delete available when I select a custom workout:


Are you on the latest Zwift and iPad OS versions?

That can certainly be the explanation. Zwift is updated but my IPad isn’t. It’s an old one that some day needs to be replaced.

i cant find pencil either…

windows 10, on 2 PCs…

It’s completely gone on PC. I wrote Zwift. Why would they do away with an edit function on custom workouts? Makes no sense, please bring it back.

All buttons available on win10 and win11 for me.


So weird. They seem to be completely gone for some of us.


I played around with folder and file security settings to see if that could create similar symptoms, but nothing. It’s an odd one.

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I found mine…

The custom workout got moved to below Zwift Tri 2019… phew…

On windows I wonder if it is to do with scaling (both windows and zwift) and the buttons not fitting where they should?