Edit function in Custom Workouts

The edit function on Custom workouts appears to be gone. So now rather than just editing an existing workout you have to create a new one.

On a specific platform, or across multiple platforms?

I’m on PC and the function is seemingly gone. Very frustrating to have to rebuild a workout that’s already built just to make a change. I wrote Zwift asking them to bring it back.

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I still see it in windows 10. Are you looking for it in the custom workouts?

Yep. It’s simply not there anymore for me. So weird.

This is how I get to the edit button on windows 10.

What do you see on the screen?

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Yes I found it. They moved the custom workouts to the bottom of the list instead of it’s previous position near the top.

To be fair to all the people confused by editing workouts, the UI is pretty bad. The edit buttons should appear in more places.

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I’ve got same issue, when I select a custom workout there’s no options to allow me to edit or delete etc.

Have tried looking in the drop-down list as shown above but none of my custom workouts appear there, can only access them by selecting custom workouts then picking from the tiles showing what’s available. Running windows 10 with latest game updates

On that view, scroll down several pages - mine (and see Gerrie’s post above) are listed below the older ZA workouts.

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I was certain I’d gone right through that list, will check again this evening.

Not ideal for Zwift to make it so hard to find instead of just having the icons available on the workout summary like it used to be.


The custom workouts is near the bottom of the list. It was moved from the near top in the previous version.

I’ve found it now, think last time I skipped to the bottom of the list and it is actually 5 or 6 workouts from the bottom. Room for improving the layout there I’d say.

Thanks for everyone’s help


How do you edit custom workouts now??

Hi @martha_long

See if the solution in the first post work for you.

I had to go into training and then workouts to find it. They need to put it back at the top. Thanks

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Thank you! I’d already re-created a couple of workouts that I wanted to change then found this. Ride on!

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