Can't delete custom workouts

I tried to delete a custom workout today and when you click the cross then delete it takes you to the route selection and then to start the workout as if you had selected to ride that workout.

Huh, I was going to try to replicate this on macOS but I can’t figure out how to edit, delete or copy any of my custom workouts. There don’t seem to be any controls at all.

Do you not see these 3 buttons? you have to click on a workout before they appear

Delete it from your Zwift folder: Documents/Zwift/Workouts/<User ID#>/file_name.zwo to delete/.

Yeah, you can do but this used to work and now doesn’t so should be fixed.

Use to be able to save, copy, and edit them as well.

I can edit, copy and delete on both Win10 & 11.

Have you tried deleting recently?

I used to be able to but can’t anymore. Tried on 2 different PCs.

You still can but saving is dodgy.

You have to save it but don’t ride it. Exit the workout screen and then go back in and select it again then the changes are saved.

If you edit it then save and select it straight away the changes aren’t made until you next ride it.

The new UI seems to have messed workouts up a lot

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Yep, did this all when I saw your post. Deleted 3 or 4 oldies, created a bunch of new, saved an existing 1. On both PC’s.

That’s very weird I’ll try again
When I try it just loads the world selection and then starts the workout

Just tried on another laptop and it worked. Very weird.

I have a video of it not working (which helps me be confident in my own sanity that I wasn’t imaging it!)

Also the one I tried to delete yesterday isnt there even though I left it by discarding the rise it started. Very odd.