Delete custom Workouts

Hi, I’m trying to clean my custom workouts library which I created inside folders for organization, but everytime that I deleted from the File Explorer on Windows, they re-appear again. I reinstalled and deleted the Workouts folder and they keep re-appearing.

Please don’t answer with the option “delete each workout one by one” because that’s exactly what I’m trying to avoid

Any update on this David? I’m having the same problem. Ugg.

Sadly no :frowning: the only workaround is deleting each one of the workouts from the zwift app, which is horribly cumbersome and time consuming.
I think that this scenario is something that the developers didn’t think about it.

I am also having the same issue, but furthermore I can’t seem to add any more workouts. I’ve added them with no problem before but new ones now don’t upload.