Deleted custom workouts keep coming back

I use Apple TV4K, but load all of my custom workouts on my PC.
I have several sub-folders of my own custom workouts within my own custom workout folder.
I have repeatedly deleted some of the sub-folders on my PC and also removed them from iColud backup.
The problem is that all of them re-appear within a day or two.
At times, the deleted folders show up on ATV, even when they’re not showing in the directory on my PC.
When this happens, they eventually show up on the PC.
I have already reinstalled Zwift on ATV.

I did look at a file in my custom folder, it’s a “FILES” file, workouts.file.
There is an extensive list that look like workout names that end with “deleted>false</deleted”

Does this mean anything?

Is there a way to keep this from happening?

Same problem here since the larger update last fall. It’s a total mess. If you have multiple people using Zwift on ATV, it gets even worse as the Custom Workouts get “shared” (in a bad way) between user accounts. Workouts with the same same become unusable because you don’t know who they belong to and your Windows PC quickly overflows with a huge mess of Custom Workouts that are not yours.

Zwift told me the problem was known and would be fixed the next release. That was 2 versions ago.

I suspect this may be a problem on all platforms but most people just don’t notice because they either don’t use Custom Workouts at all or rarely change them and are single user systems. All major platforms support private User space easily - it’s just a basic function of an operating system these days. It’s hard to understand why Zwift just doesn’t care about what is at the very least a privacy issue and, at worse, a total disaster for more serious Zwift users when it comes to Custom Workouts.

BTW, if you edit your workout.files and change the “false” to “true” for workouts you want gone, it usually works. Unfortunately I’m still seeing some of my Custom Workouts eventually return even after being deleted this way.

The best solution to this problem is for Zwift to provide a web-based version of their Workout Editor (the one built into the Zwift app) that operates on your Custom Workouts in the ZwiftCloudFromHELL!