Delete Custom Run Workouts

I can delete my custom bike workouts but I cant seem to delete my custom run workouts, in game there is no option on the workout and even after deleting the workout from the Zwift folder it still shows.
Does any one have a work around?

Custom workouts delete fine on my computer, but persist on AppleTV. Not sure about a work-around. I was going to try a re-install, when I had some time.


Had same problem. (windows 10 ver of game)
Zwift seems to read the workout files, even the custom ones, and store them out in the cloud.

When I delete my custom run workout, zwift helpfully puts it back when its starts up.
Also, same with if I just make a change, zwift will detect the change as a corruption and replace the file with the original for me. (which undoes the change)

Solution: (at least for me), delete workout after starting zwift, ie:

  1. Start Zwift, look at workout screen. (this will force the repopulation)
  2. With Zwift still running, delete unwanted workouts (manually with file explorer)
  3. Exit Zwift, seems like zwift updates its memory of what’s supposed to be in the workout folder at this time.

Next time Zwift starts, unwanted workout is gone.

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