Custom Workouts Needs Work

Need to be able to delete old/multiple copies of workouts
Need to be able to program in ramps, not just at warmup/cooldown
Need to be able to “favorite” workouts so that I don’t have to copy down workouts in a notebook and then program them in myself.


  1. You can delete workouts on a PC either by opening the workout & hitting the “X”, or you can go into your Zwift folder Documents > Zwift > Workouts > (your Zwift ID), find the workout & delete it.
  2. In any workout builder you pick the starting & finishing power as well as duration of the ramp.
  3. You can add tags to “favorite” workouts or have a separate folder in your custom list (just adding a folder to Documents > Zwift > Workouts > (your Zwift ID) > New Folder
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  1. I’m not on a PC. I’m on Apple TV. I pay the same price as everyone else in order to get less features. Can’t delete workouts that way.
  2. There is no ramp icon other than warmup/cool-down ramps. Can these be used for ramps in the middle of the workout?
  3. I think the tags are a decent workaround for favorites. I’ll try to set up a favorites folder. Seems simple enough.

Thank you for your response.

Zwift has been aware of this issue for a long time. It’s an even bigger problem if you have multiple users on a setup because your Custom Workouts will get mixed with other user’s Custom Workouts which then propogate into the ZwiftCloudFromHELL where they can never be deleted. They will then migrate to any other platforms you use to run the Zwift app. It’s a total disaster. They are either incompetent or just don’t care enough to fix it.

It’s definitely not a problem with the ATV platform - the best workout platform hands down IMO.