Unable to delete edit or create new custom workouts [March 23, 2024]

As the title says, I’m unable to delete edit or create new custom works outs in the zwift client. Running Zwift on PC windows 10. I get an error sometimes saying unable to sync to my local directory for zwift. I’ve tried to delete work outs and quit using the top left exit function on the UI, when I relaunch zwift and look at my custom workouts all the workout’s i’ve deleted are still there (this includes creating new or editing custom workouts as well, quitting zwift and restarting doesn’t work). If I edit a custom work out and hit save, I go back to the menu and nothing on that work has changed, neither the title of the work out, or the intervals I’ve changed.

I’ve read some others having the same issues and some people mentioning to make the changes to custom workouts and then exit and relaunch, I’ve done this with no success nothing changes.

Extremely frustrating, can we please get some light shined on this bug? This is a basic function apart of Zwift and it’s not working correctly.

Welcome to Forums @Stefan_Roth. Many thanks for the detailed explanation. I really appreciate you taking the time to use this space.

Based on what you’re describing, you should be able to edit or delete your custom workouts using the roadmap provided in our support article. Please check it out if there’s a chance you might be missing something. If not, I’d like to suggest you to reach out to our support colleagues. It’d be great if you attach a video to see the steps you are taking or a screenshot of the error.

We look forward to hearing from you.