Bug when trying to edit large custom workout

Hi I am using Traing peaks connected to zwift, I see my workouts no problem but want to edit that workout, game closes but when I recreate this workout in zwift it does not crash, want to chsnge that warmup and cooldown is consistent power not increasing/decreasing

I can do workout no problem

Any suggestions if needed I can show picture from one workout

I’ve been meaning to log this same issue too.

Its separate from Bug: Zwift crashes if you edit an imported workout (TrainingPeaks)

If your experience is the same as mine then by “Large workout”, it seems to be when the workout has over a certain number of intervals/segments in it - I find this a problem particularly if I am using a workout that I’ve created in a workout editor such as TrainingDay.com and then imported to Zwift using the “paste into folder” method in operating system file manager.

Workouts with a large number of segments it doesn’t seem happy with, it really struggles to load them and then crashes/closes out as you describe.

You’ve reminded me of another bug with workout editing too, but I’ll log that separately.