Bug: Companion App ("no more events for today")

There is a bug in the Companion App when going to the “events” tab to show events for the day.

On new launch of app the events render fine, but if the app has been running without force quit (as is normal on Apple devices) across a midnight boundary then no events are shown (even if the day’s events were showing fine previously before the midnight boundary, and even though since it is 08:15 there are dozens of events for the day). I have no filters selected.

I am on Apple iPhone, iOS, latest version of both the iOS (16.1.2) and Zwift Companion App (3.42.0 (1361)

The only solution I’ve found so far is to force-quit the app and restart which obviously is not ideal!

All that needs to happen I assume is for the companion app to fresh the events page each time its loaded or when the app is switched to the foreground/active?

is the companion app still actively developed @James_Zwift @DavidP ? Any plans to fix this one?

if nobody else is seeing this is it possible its a device issue rather than the app itself?

I saw the same thing yesterday - also on iPhone.

Think that answers your question Rich :wink: