How can I get a reply to a tech problem

Dear Zwift community. I had a problem and asked @gozwift a twitter question while I was zwifting yesterday. Later I added to a tech forum question raised by another zwifter who seemed to have a similar problem. @gozwift tweeted me back later on twitter suggesting I contact the support team as it might be related to something that they are looking in to. Now, following their link puts me into circular auto-response ■■■■ and after five attempts to ask the same question in both channels I’ve had enough.
Ive had plenty of experience of companies trying to look receptive but fobbing people off in twitter telling paying customers to contact them and they will fix the problem to be very sceptical. Any suggestions for how to get a real problem taken onboard?

The problem I raised is that when I am riding in Zwift, game view works fine on my iPad but Companion (fully updated) on my iPhone does not synchronise at all. Both are the larest versions and both are on the same wifi network.

Try disabling Wi-fi Assist, or turn off mobile data during your ride.

I have not changed anything in a year so why would that suddenly make a difference?

You’re welcome.