Bug: Incorrect color/colour in displayed workout structure for intervals

(Note: this is a separate bug to the incorrect workout portal colour in Workout portals incorrect colour - #9 by Chris_Holton - there is no relation between the two that I can tell)

When you are doing a workout Zwift shows the workout structure in the top left of the screen, both completed and upcoming workout segments. They are colour-coded accoridng to which of your training zones they fall into (eg. gret for Z1, blue for Z2, red for Z2) etc…

This works OK for workouts with “individual” segments as above. However there is a display bug with workouts with “interval repeats” (eg 5x 30/15 - 5 repetitions of 30secs Z5 followed by 15sec Z1). For these workouts the “off” workout segment is incorrectly coloured in the zone of the “on” interval. So for example, Z1 would show up red (rather than grey) in the above example.

This is consistent/reproducible. Here are two examples from two different workouts from two difference users:


Please can we get this logged as a bug if not logged already @shooj (I did a search in known issues and couldn’t find it)

Thank you

EDIT: just to add the suggested info from the “Guide to Getting useful Support” pinned thread:

  • Platform - 12.9" Apple iPad Pro
  • OS - iPadOS
  • Zwift version - 1.32.0
  • Trainer - Wahoo Kickr (v6)

I’ve not seen any response of acknowledgement from Zwift support on this yet as far as I can tell.

@shooj (or anyonne else from Zwift support) can you log this please and provide ticket reference?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi @James_Zwift @DavidP can you let me know if this made it onto the “plan to fix” list please?