Incorrect colours on post-ride graphic

Not a big issue but I thought it might be worth mentioning. For the past week or two I have noticed the post-ride graphic has been a little erroneous. I often do the same Z2 workout which alternates between 67% and 74% of FTP. Normally the 74% intervals are mostly blue with a little green (which should kick in at 76% according to the workout creator function). Recently the 74% FTP intervals have shown as almost entirely green in the post-ride graphic. Not sure if other zones are affected.

Just an FYI, good day!

Endurance should be 60-75% FTP. If you’re bouncing around 74-76% it might explain why it’s showing as more green.

Hi @David_Cook ,

I’m Steven with Zwift tech support, and since it seems that was your first post here on the forums, welcome!

To your issue, what you’ve explained sounds potentially buggy, I’d say. But, as James mentioned, that’s only the case if you’re staying well under Zone 3 (Green, Tempo): 76-89%.

If you’re confident there’s no way your efforts should be resulting in the Zone 3 green, then we’d like to investigate that further. See if you can gather up some screenshots and/or video as examples exhibiting the issue, and then send us a support request.

Our team is happy to investigate that further. Thanks!

@Steven_D @JamesBailey
Guys, I think this sounds very much like what @Richard_Law_INC_A was talking about in his Bugs and Support thread, started on 15 Jan – about the same time as this OP noticed the issue.
You can see some screen grabs supplied by Richard showing the clear colour discrepancies here: Summary screen power profile is wrong since update - #8 by Richard_Law_INC_A

Hi @Roule_Thoune ! Thanks for bringing that to my attention.

It could be the same issue, but there could also be some notable differences. I’m not sure if these issues with the post-ride report zone colors being off is just for workouts like what David did, or if it includes other SIM mode rides, races, etc.

If David sends us a support ticket with some screenshots and more detailed examples, we can take a closer look at his account, and see if this is already a known issue with an existing bug report, or if it’s a newer development.

It sounds like the same. It is more obvious in workouts just because you do solid blocks at the same power.