Zwift power incorrect W/kg values


I hope this is the right place to a ask. I did my first zwift race at lunch today and I can see my result on zwift power. However, the 5 min and total np are different than those reported in the fit file via stabs and trainer road. In the case of the 5 min power there is quite a difference :
279w vs 345w.

Does anyone know what’s going on?


Yes, do you have a green bolt next to the activity listed in your profile? If so its using live data which is a random snapshot of 20 minutes of data on your race. I believe it could be any 20 minute interval, so it could have been 20 mins of the race that may have been fairly chilled and easy going for example.

Often it takes a while after for it to turn blue which means the. Fit file data from zwift is being used. Any longer than 24 hrs of not receiving the blue bolt then I would give up hope of having the accurate data for that ride.

ZP know about it, they’re trying to fix it and there’s many other posts like this with the same issue. Just keep an eye out on on the forums for admin updates on the issue

Child and easy going? When was that then?

I have a green bolt next to my overall power for the entire ride but all the rest the text are red.

As Lee mentioned, the green bolt shows that your complete ride has not been processed yet. When it turns to blue, the numbers will be correct.

When viewing your list of activities, any statistic highlighted as red is imply indicating that its your best to date, as far as ZP is concerned.

When viewing your statistics within an activity, highlighted statistics show who achieved the best result for any given statistic.