My 20 min power doesnt make sense

Hi attached is my profile, the last 2 races i have worked hard for 20 mins ( averaging at least 280 watts ( 3-3.2 wkg )
if someone with better knowledge than me could have a look please, thank you

in both races the groups i were in at the 20 min ( peope with the same weight etc, had that power rating, mine seems bonkers at 2.4wkg and higher overall even though i wasnt working as hard

anyone know what this might be ?

Hi @Lee_Hodgson7746

I don’t really understand your question.

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no worries :slight_smile:

when im zwifitng, i work really hard for as long as i can then hang on

the when im zwifitng is always around 2.9 to 3.2 wkg but on zwift power its 2.4 and 2.6 ( last 2 races)

i think something is wrong with the data transfer from zwift to zwift power ? ! if you look ar the people around me, they all have 3.1 2.8 wkg


Not sure if it’ll make a difference, but the last 2 races have data that’s still green meaning (I think, live data).
When the final blue data gets posted, your data will probably be similar to previous races provided the effort was similar.

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+1 for this, always wait for blue lightning bolt before analysing data as green lightning bolt is often miles out.