Full watts not coming over on zwiftpower

This has happened at least two times in last week, both times on same group ride Friday Ebb presented by Team ODZ, where there is a 1km sprint, so high 1 minute efforts.
I finish this ride, on Ride Report I can see my critical power for 1 min 8.3 wkg, this week (photos) last week 8.1 wkg, but on Zwiftpower they are shown as 5.7 wkg & 6.1 wkg, just got a new update before todays ride.
Any suggestions?

Just, an update to this, today’s is now showing correctly, probably just got processed, I’m sure zwift didn’t react that quickly, 20 minutes after I posted, do they actually ever reply to anything? The weight doper I reported 12 days ago, still enjoying his 30kg weight loss and his racing points he has received, no sorry, don’t want to offend a paying (cheating) customer

Only a couple of them jump in occasionally to specific posts. They rely on fellow members to help each out, which, in a lot of cases, is better as some people here know a lot of stuff that the first level support dont.

To your problem - processing of results can take a while (they say up to 6hrs but I suggest you wait 24). And compounding that, Zwiftpower has had a fairly major issue for over a month which has delayed result processing for some people by weeks. The only way to be sure your race is processed is to make sure you and your competitors show a blue lightning bolt next to your ride. Blue means your fit file (accurate) is used whereas green is based on some live data (and generally not accurate).

Yeah dont expect to see any action on cheaters. Even the premier league has banned people from Premier races but Zwift still allow those people to compete in everyday Zwift events.

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Thanks a lot for the reply Dean, I was never sure of the difference or meaning of blue & green lightning bolts, but my ride from yesterday is now blue with the correct figures, so processed, last fridays is still green, so not processed, and I’m got getting my hopes up, but not too big a deal.

Yeah, wasn’t expecting much action on the cheaters, when, they have only banned 4 women and 1 man from the zrl, but of course can still compete in anything else.

I just thought with weight doping, which we can still all see, until that disappears because of privacy, that there could be some action, but of course not

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My 20min power has been incorrectly reported as 205w instead of 266w (TrainingPeaks/Strava) for last Thursdays Team Time Trial? Anybody know why this happened or what I need to do to fix?

Hi @Jason_Leach - Zwiftpower have had a its “missing data” issue since January’ish so whilst they have potentially fixed the root cause, they also need to now to re-process a whole bunch of data such as your older one that hasnt changed (thats a hang of a lot of races!). I’m not sure how or when (or even if) they will do this but keep an eye on this thread as you may see updates there.

Hi @Mel_Collins9058 - looks like you have a bunch of WTRL events using live data and not fit files (green lightning bolt). As with my comment to Jason just above, keep an eye on that thread I posted. If you see everyone jumping for joy that their results are now sorted (ie, they apply fix retrospectively) and yours arent, drop an email to zwiftpower@zwift.com and they will sort

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