Performance nobbled on Zwift

I hope someone can help.

My overall FTP has gradually been increasing. I’m a C rider at FTP of about 215.

Recently, I can’t keep up with other riders, even though my wattage is averaging around 210-215 for a ride/race and my W/kg are averaging around 2.7.

In my last ride (an SAS Fush & Chups ride) I was nearly 40 places behind people of similar weight and power averages.

Specifically, I averaged 207 W and I’m 78 kgs and I came 80th.
Another rider was 208 and 76 respectively and came 40th.
Another rider was 205 and 76 respectively and came 43rd.

I had been finishing around 2/3 down on C rides/races but for the last month I come last consistently.

The data suggest that something has happened to my profile.

Any suggestions?

Average watts doesn’t tell the whole story. For example, say you stay at that average, or close to it, all the way round. But some other riders ease off more at points but push hard on the hills. They could have a similar average power to you but leave you way behind on the climbs.

I actually get left behind for the last month on all parts of the ride. And I seem to be pushing at least what those around me are pushing (often 3.0+).

It’s really confusing and quite disappointing to be riding with others doing 2.2-2.5 and getting dropped from a bunch.

I don’t want to be too cynical, but it’s probably just another Zwift “feature” that will go away at some point.

I realise there’s nothing I can do. But it’s frustrated me enough to post here.

@Safepay - you haven’t stated what type of bike you’re riding in Zwift. Do you have a TT bike selected, which would have you dropped while riding the same w/kg as those you’re with, since you’d get no drafting from them?

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No, its just a standard road bike. Nothing special.

I used to do that ride with Glenn frequently until it started clashing with beer time - you have to stay on his wheel and doing that, you will avg 3w/kg (he was 3.1 last nights ride). The guy at 40th was avg 2.9w/kg and the 43rd 2.8w/kg - your best 20min was 2.8w/kg so you werent going to be staying with them either. Given the avg is 3 w/kg and your FTP (according to ZP) is about 2.5w/kg, you are gonna have to ride smart to hang for an hour on that ride. Keep at it though, thats a great ride and Glenn is a good ride lead (albeit I wish he wasnt so friggin strong at times).

Cool. Thanks. Yep. Just a bit strong for me.