Racing question

So I ride all the time but when I race in Zwift and join in the C groups which I should be more then fine with I’m getting absolutely crushed by about 5 mins.  Something doesn’t add up, am I doing something wrong?  I’m 5 mins after the 2nd slowest rider so something’s not working properly.  Can someone help? 

Hi Jeff. 


What KISS race are you referring to. (link to zwift power will help)

What is your FTP and Weight? It is important to have those numbers to determine in which group you should race.

If you are indeed in the correct group, then you should try to stay in the draft once you are off the back you can loose a lot of time, even more than 5min.

So my FTP looks like its 271w and my weight is 194lbs. I can’t seem to be able to send the link but the race was the “WBR 3 Laps Hilly #pst Race (17 mi / 27 km) (A, B, C, D), Wed Nov 8th 2017 08:30”. I raced in the C group and I’m last. I don’t feel any draft at all on my Tacx trainer? Maybe that’s an issue as well?

The data at Zwiftpower shows an average of 166 watts for that race; in 7 other races on record there the recorded average was 247 and higher.


Looks like it was a calibration issue for that one race.  The hilly courses tend to favour the lighter riders, and at 89 then in zwift that seems to be heavy ( I say that as a 107kg rider that did the hilly 4 lap this morning - 70kg seems to be the average).

I see that you had a better race and were back to 270watt average and mid pack this AM so I guess a one off.

I accidentally did a 4 lap race at the B level, should have been D or maybe C.

I finished way behind, but not last :wink: ( and only got lapped by 4 riders :wink:

In such group races shouldn’t I be able to see other groups, i’m sure there were there faster riders in C and D on the same course?