First Zwift Race

Did my first Zwift race today, and I’m generally disappointed with the overall experience. I entered the C race of the City Crit Race, with an FTP of 185 and weight of 135 (so around 3.1 w/kg). Of 69 entry’s I finished 57th after averaging 180 watts for 25 mins.

I’m just generally disappointed after looking at the results. I’d say more than half of the racers averaged above 3.5 w/kg. Someone averaged 3.3 with a HR of under 130.

Like really, you have to cheat at a zwift race? Really unfortunate and disappointing.


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That is pretty normal for a Zwift race. People enter the category they think they can win not the one they belong. They don’t realize how much they effect the enjoyment of multiple other riders.

Look at your results on , most of those sandbaggers will be filtered out and your result will look a lot better.

Also, being light you’ll do better at hilly races so you may enjoy those more

I do okay in flats but on hills I’m not competitive at all. Different types of routes suit different people

I’d say well done, from my experience had I been in the same race you would be one place higher as all I can manage is to be last or second last it seems. As is suggested, my results always look better in

Thanks all, I know I’m small and didn’t expect the win or anything. Just a little disappointed with people for sandbagging and zwift for not enforcing their own categories.

Make sure you vote up this request: Auto-Assign Race Categories - #47 by A_cid

Surprised @Gerrie_Delport didn’t post it.

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Quite the discussion going on over at too, looking forward to Eric’s future posts on this topic. Something needs to be done, fast! The last race I did on the new crit city course had me placed at 26th I think in cat D on Zwift’s results, looked at Zwiftpower and I was 6th or 7th…

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