Zwift bike racing

Is anyone else frustrated by Zwift racing. I am a recent racer and well within category D at about 2.1 wkg.
The results show that there are many racers who are signed up for my category who are way above the upper limit for CatD. Why are they allowed in? I have done three races. At each one I have been left for dead at the start and spent most of the ‘race’ cycling on my own. It is very dispiriting. Unless it changes I shall not be racing. I have attached a photo of today’s race result for top of cat D.

Join zwiftpower. Ignore the zwift results. Use the zwiftpower results. Expect people to be in the wrong category and try your best. Welcome to zwift racing where not many people are happy at first but they learn to enjoy it.

Recently they have been trying to work out how to address the issue. So that’s good. But then move slowly. People have been complaining for years about this.

I assume there have been hundreds or thousands of posts or comments about this issue.

Thanks. I guessed I might not be on my own. I have signed up with Zwift power. Will take a good look at it. Thanks again

I agree, sign up to Zwiftpower to get your real race results. Unfortunately, it won’t solve the in-race issue of having to cycle on your own. Like the comment above says, hopefully the new feature about sandbagging should start to sort things out.

This is really frustrating Ron. I just completed a B race which was won by a 63 year old who averaged 5.0w/kg. Not saying a 63 year old can’t do that but if he can he should be a A category. There is quite a lot of cheating going on but like the others said Zwift are trying to solve it with the sandbagging feature. I’m registered on Zwiftpower but I’m still unsure what results to use. I trust Zwiftpower more but not everyone is signed up. Either way I hope they get rid of the cheats soon as it will put new Zwifters off racing.

Zwift power is the only “official” result

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Wish people would stop suggesting Zwiftpower. It doesn’t help anything. Maybe just makes you feel better at the end. It won’t help your issue of racing alone.

To answer your question, yes, MANY people are frustrated. As a low B, I find it better now that more people are using the platform. I’ll never have a shot at winning, but now I can usually find a sub-group to race with.

Zwift is working on a fix. SLOWLY. Imperfectly from what I hear. Really isn’t that hard, but they seem to be afraid of driving away members…and so drive away other members. It’s the best game in town so I’m sticking around for now.