Cheating suggestion

I’m relatively new (about a month) to Zwift. I’ve taken part in 2 races as a category D participant. I average around 2.4 watts and am a bit ticked off that people feel the need to say they are a D participant when they’re not even close. The guy who won the race I participated in this morning averaged 5.0 watts. I think Zwift should find a way to police this as I feel it has to turn people off from participating. Perhaps create age specific races so us older people (I’m 46) can feel a little more comfortable and motivated to take part.

Hi @Jeff_Jackson, welcome to the forums!

Lots of discussion here on the forums about sandbagging, cheating, etc. but not a lot of action from Zwift HQ unfortunately. There is/was a form you can fill out to report the person but I can’t seem to find that now. It was posted in the forums, but seems to have been deleted?

One thing you can do is register on and that is where a lot of the cheaters get filtered out of the results and where you will see how you compare to others who are in the same category.