Sandbagging (human error or Category cheating) still a major problem it seems (Cat C, 5.4 watts/kg?)

I’ve been off Zwift for 3 weeks due to illness and did a Crit Race today. I was under the impression that there had been changes made to flag people who were in the wrong category. So imagine my disappointment when I see the below results.

Second place with 5.45 watts/kg over 20 minutes. That’s an FTP of 5.18 w/kg. C is up to 3.1 w/kg. Changing that to a 20 minute effort with a 0.2 margain for error gives 3.5 w/kgs which should be the max of a rider in a 20 minute C race.

This means this guy is nearly 2 w/kg out of category and yet he doesn’t get flagged? What is the point of even having a system to remove sandbaggers if someone like this doesn’t get removed?



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