When will Zwift get a grip of sandbagger and cheater.

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That would be alright is Cat C was not doing A cat power most of the race fishy with a C hold 4.2w/kg then only get upgraded to a B

It’s not perfect but it’s something…do you have event ID or results link?

Assuming it was the Restart Racing series - the race was setup to “Riders exceeding w/kg will be upgraded” so sandbaggers end up in correct cat. In this race, two Cat C sandbaggers were bumped up to Cat B. Both were on the cusp of ZP Cat A perfomances but didnt exceed ZP B limits.

Interestingly the guy that took 1st (of Cat B’s) is a Cat A in CE races (though a ZP Cat B). The guy that took 2nd probably is very capable of Cat A but doesn’t race enough so his past Cat A results dropped off leaving him as a ZP Cat B.

There is almost 2000 races weekly and around 3/4 of this races are using CE. Most races will not have sandbaggers but there will always be someone coming back from injury or riding outside and he will be in lower Cat sandbagging :man_shrugging:

I thought he was a Cat A he was a 1min headed on the only Cat A in race.

This is why Zwift need to be pts base need to earn the yearly to keep your Cat