Sand bagging

I was sick of being pounded in every race and noticed that it was entrants who were way over the w/kg limit. I started doing anti sandbagging races instead. It’s better but still wrong as was today’s most recent effort. I was 24th out of 39 at the finish. Then the anti SB sucked out the cheaters from the “D” (2.4 max) group and I became 9th of 14. Better, but of the 8 people still above me; 2.8-1, 2.7-3, 2.6-3 and 2.5-1!
Is there something I don’t quite understand about this? I been doing this a very long time and I am usually very consistent.


It’s so frustrating. I’m a cat D rider so and try to stick with the top of the group. It disturbs my race when I’m pushing out more watts to stay with people who I think are D riders but are infact A. Resulting in me hitting the wall and not getting a decent ride/workout


If you want a race series on Zwift with excellent anti-cheating systems then check out the Zwift Racing League at

It’s a team-based league and registration for new teams has closed for the current 8-week season, but plenty of teams will still be looking for members. There’s a ZRL group on Facebook which is often used to match riders up with teams.

Precisely! I was killing myself in regular races even as a cat D! You have to stay near the front to be in the draft or you fall so far back that you never catch up. So I switched to anti sand bagging. I am always right on the limit of 2.4 w/kg but the ½ dozen racers ahead are always over that 2.4 level even after the adjustment. I have never had a green cone of shame like people all around me!

At this moment there are only 2 anti races, a daily 1 lapper around Paris and a 6 lap City Crit in anti sand bag. Quite boring really?

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Yea it does get quote boring. I wouldn’t mind just checking zwift power see how I compared in my group but the C,B and A riders set the pace. I’m doing the Kirchmair race series which doesn’t stop sandbaggers but it’s a league where you get regular riders that are in your category which is fun.

Would be interested in that WTRL race league but I don’t have anyone who would enter a team with. Is there a chat on here with people looking for team members?

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There is the Zwift Racing League that you could check into. It’s supposed to be equitable.

Those races are a bit long for me. Like 2 laps of UCI in Yorkshire and such. I enjoy longer casual or group rides but racing at 70 yo has to be of a short duration for me now a days.


Mark, you can see the different categories in nerby riders - I think D is yellow, C blue, B green and A red. I have a 55" TV 3 m in front of my bike and can see it without glasses (not common, my eyes are really bad).

You are right on the color codes which appear on the right of the screen. I have a 31” about 6 feet in front of me. The anti sand bagging races do not seem to mix the categories. Everyone there is a “D”…or that’s what they entered the race as?!?!