Cheating, sandbagging and spoilt races

Is it my imagination, or are the issues getting worse rather than better? The number of incorrect category riders, riders with the same weight for the past 6 months, weight doping (the photos in their Strava profile certainly indicate a different weight to the zwift profile) etc seems to be reaching monstrous proportions, yet there seems little improvement to the system/racing experience from a zwift perspective. Partly it comes from a sore loser perspective, as I don’t like to lose (I am only good enough to race c cats), however, it is a pill that is far easier to swallow when beaten fair and square. In fairness to Zwift, racing pushes me harder than I would otherwise train and until a viable alternative racing platform is offered I am likely to stay put. I would however prefer it if Zwift were honest about their outlook, developments etc and if fair racing is way down the list of priorities over maximising income, then say so.


Don;t know if its getting worse but here’s a very long thread discussing it all -

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