Are there sanctions for disruptive racers?

Background: Something odd happened after a Cat C race today. The top finisher admitted to sandbagging on purpose to simply ruin the race for everyone else. He said something like:
“I am actually an A rider, but don’t race in A. Why race in A and get dropped when I can dominate in C.”
I checked his profile and what a pathetic human being this guy is. He is also blatantly weight doping. I am talking about wild weight swings in a matter of days, such as going from 90kg to 68kg, then to 87kg, 79kg, and 62kg most recently. Obviously, this guy is not here to play fair as evidence suggests.

Opinion: I understand that when things get competitive, as they do in a race, some people become disruptive and video game industry usually deals with such behavior with a temporary or permanent ban on people’s accounts. I don’t expect Zwift to ban people from using the platform because that would be heavy handed. But, at the very least, I think there should be a transparent system in place to sanction these people. For instance, first strike you get a warning, second you get a badge of dishonor, third you get a temporary restriction on your account from races. If you insist on same behavior after all this, then you get a permanent ban on your account from racing.

Question: How does Zwift approach such instances of racers who clearly do not have best intentions in mind? I reported him for this behavior, but I need a transparent explanation of what Zwift does when they encounter such behavior.

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Sorry but Zwift won’t disclose what they do or if they even get your report of blatant abuse. This guy sucks and should be banned from racing. I hope something happens, but we may never know.

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Good luck with that. Zwift is as about as transparent as a puddle of mud.

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Please see this thread to report others you think are cheating.