Feedback [March 30, 2024]

Do you get feedback from Zwift after we report someone?

Hi @Philip_Procter, welcome to Forums. I’m Juan from Zwift. I appreciate you taking the time to share your inquiry here to get suggestions from our community.

To maintain the privacy of our members, we will not be able to inform you of the outcome of your report, but please be assured that we will handle it carefully and with our findings in mind.

Thanks for your understanding.

so no point reporting people thanks

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Any one help me? What in the corporate BS does that mean?

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If the rider is on ZwiftPower, you just keep checking back to see if they continue to race without getting disqualified. Sometimes there is a brief sanction, a lot of times nothing, and many of these riders don’t use ZwiftPower or delete their ZwiftPower profile to avoid public scrutiny.

someone today droped 10kg in 4 days to come 2nd on aple de zwift and he gets race ranking point and we get no feedback. Miss can I mark my own homework

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i did not read it but it means he probably got hired like 2 months ago and might end up being the guy setting up events for us in a year

anyway, to answer the OP, they don’t tell you the outcome of a report. sometimes they do act on them, probably very rarely, but it is supposed to be their company policy not to reveal the outcome

on Zwiftracing the guys that drop 10Kg he was Pred. 14th and came 2nd this is the only game I know where cheater allow

“dopo il trail, almeno qui non ho sofferto il male ai piedi e caviglie, 70,1kg” from is strava page

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Not happen to the rider I reported to put 10kg back on which still 10kg for what he say he is on strava JOKE ZWIFT

It’s frustrating but all you can do is keep reporting those people and highlight them through other means with riders you know so flagrant violations are reported.

I sympathise with you because ADZ is infested with sub-40kg people and little old ladies doing better than world tour pro performances. :frowning:

Also seen a few race team members with Zpower (!) doing dubiously fast times numerous laps in a row… so I think some of the race teams might do well watching their folks and doing a bit of a clean up. I still have screenshots of that guy.

Sometimes I’ll call them out in a subtle way in the chat.

I can understand privacy laws preventing comments on individual cases, but how about Zwift share some statistics so that we can see some proof that reporting cheats is actually worth it.

How many people have received some sort of reprimand in the last 12 months?


Gang - we take user privacy seriously, as noted already. As unsatisfying as it is we can not give you the sort of details you’re asking for. Thanks for understanding.