Reporting a Cheater

There’s a user with empty name fields on Fuego Flats everyday. They clock the same time of ~6:24 for FF Reverse and ~27.1 for the sprint every time through. I can’t flag them because I can’t look them up by name. I don’t care if someone farms XP or whatever, but don’t mess up all the leaderboards. Zwift should take action on these types of users.

You need to send all relevant info to Zwift Support.

Jamie, I reported it to Zwift Support. Ironically, one of their responses to me was to check the Zwift forums. I’m not sure who/what this individual is… my quick math is that 6:24 means they would be averaging 40.6 mph. Also, the KOM in Strava for the Reverse segment is 7:54. So clearly this is not anything normal. But the fact that they appear to remain there in perpetuity (I think they’ve been there since Monday or so) may mean that it’s a glitch with Zwift. Very weird.

Thanks, I reported them to support per Paul’s recommendation too. As you calculated, the numbers make no sense.

Well, if you are riding the Alpe on an almost daily basis as I do, you would be very busy reporting all sorts of riders :flushed:

People pushing +5w/Kg. constantly at sub 120 HR is almost normal :thinking: And as long as there’s Zpower riders around the Alp leaderboard ( and probably every leaderboard ) will be a joke :roll_eyes:

And I could go on… 190cm. tall riders with their weight set at 60 Kg’s and looking quite “big” on their profile picture is also quite common.

That’s why I only compare my times and results with my own previous times. Racing another rider almost never makes any sense if you do it to compare who has the biggest ba… eh muscles - it could still make some fun though :slightly_smiling_face:


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Segments and Leaderboards are all going to be a mess until they fix the Tacx trainer bug that came with latest release that gives people super human power.