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toure de zwift stage 3 race
Iam 185 and 76 kg, and eating a lot need more weight this year i want 80 kg.
So iam i a A groep, and ride my bike. I just don’t watch my screen all the time I just go cycling and listening to music. So iam number one, only the problem i have 7w/kg. But its a race when a go slow iam not number one. Then someone flag me i have 3 km foure the finnish watts drops. Some one control my equipment, is that legal? Sorry foure the bad english.

Can you post a complete rundown of your Zwift setup so we can better assist you.

BTW, 7w/kg is pro rider territory.


You should join races only in Category A.
No one will flag you there.
And no one can control your equipment.

He has no HR during his activities so he still could get flagged. I am also guessing he is using zPower/Virtual Power.


I didn’t think about that.
Then he should do no racing at all.

76kg*7W/kg=532W :rofl:


No why zpower, iam not a cheater, i have zwift. And zwift never say to mee juse a hr. Some one control my equipment, 3km foure finnishh waths drops. That illegal i never do a race again.

5,8 watts/kg on whole stage yesterday?
@dutchbiker123_123dut you should fix your setup or go pro Team :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


youre jealous? Why are you laughing at me? this is the way of people in zwift. Thanks

37 Iam frome holland where born with bikes, why people laughing at me?

If you are Flagged enough times (don’t know the number) you will get an Orange Cone next to your name.

No one can control your watts, but Zwift can make it so you show zero watts if you get flagged enough.

No one is jealous of you, we just think there is an issue with your setup. This is very common when using zPower/Vitual power.


what these guys are saying (not very polite guys) is that your w/kg may be above pro level cyclist. Thas can be due to the type of trainer or that the trainer is not on the correct setting.

This website show typical w/kg for different rider types.

the FT column is a 20 minute test.
In your stage 2 race you averaged 470w at 6.18w/kg for 23 minuites. That put you at a World Class level.

We would like to help you with your setup, so that no body flag you again.


I’m just laughing cause you could beat Chris Froome and Peter Sagan easy, if your numbers were right.


No i will beat kruiswijk, and tom dumoulin. Dutch are winnen toure the france 2020.
I know enough now, never do a race again. Bay

You can race all you want on Zwift, but with your current setup and the lack of HR you may get flagged and you will be disqualified in the results on

You can just ride on Zwift and never do races or group rides.

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Iam on zwift zwift never say make a account on zpower. Zo when people not on zpower there are bad and cheating. Sorry this not foure me iam out and zPower are 2 different things.

If you want to race on Zwift I would suggest getting a smart trainer or a power meter and also a HRM.


You are not being fair, OK you got some fun taken but only because your setup cannot be right, if you give the guys here a chance they will give you all the help you need to so you can get the best from Zwift. I know for me it is still confusing. If you take the time to learn about Zwiftpower and read some of the excellent articles in I think then you will really understand and enjoy zwift.

Hi dutchbiker123,
please don’t let one bad experience put you off Zwift or Zwift racing.

You don’t have to join ZwiftPower to race. Some Zwifters like to join others don’t.
Zwift certainly doesn’t insist you join ZwiftPower to get involved in racing.

I think I am right in saying that Zwift and Zwift racing is a bit of a hot topic at the moment. As more Zwifters get involved in the racing side of Zwift they are wanting to improve the experience and iron out some of the problems.

I think your mail has unfortunately got caught up in that push for transparency, legitimacy and a level playing field to improve the experience and the results.

So once again I say please don’t let this episode put you off what could definitely change your indoor training for the better.

Most Zwifters on this forum will, if you give them your problem with a detailed list of you equipment help you to solve any problem you may have. We all have many different setups and some have had many months or years of experience which we would only be too happy to pass on to you.

Please “Ride On”


This just happened to me. Wnat the ■■■■

You have posted in a thread from January 2020. You’d be better off starting a new thread and posting details about what happened.

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