Auto Flagging of Riders - far from perfect

Today, for the first time in a Zwift event, I was given the “Uh Oh!” message whilst sprinting, flagged and had my power clipped making it impossible to continue with the group ride (not even a race!) at a sensible pace. I’m totally in favour of riders being pulled when they’re knocking out 7wkg for half an hour but I really think Zwift HQ needs to look at the metrics they’re using so that it doesn’t impinge on legitimate efforts, particularly for sprints.
A question for Zwift Elves if you’re reading this - do the metrics used in deciding on whether a rider is flagged take into account their previous performances, ZwiftPower racing category etc or is it simply done just on WKG regardless?

I haven’t heard anything to make me think that it takes in to account past performance.

That’s a decent sprint you did based on the graph getting clipped and the width of the thing.

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Jeez I just looked you up on zwiftpower, you’re a beast dude.

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Yeah, I’d rate it world class in age category - comparable to the guy who won the World Gran Fondo a few years ago

Ironically I think Zwift’s first assumption was correct!

Clearly all of the testing I did at The Performance Centre was also wrong then James. :wink:

For the record, I’m a former 1st Cat on the road and track before I retired from racing quite some years ago. At that time I also held a track record for the kilo as well as posting sub 20 minute 10 TTs and 51 minute 25s on a steel framed fixed gear.