improved our algorithms for flagging certain riders - latest update

(Stephen Jackson [X]) #1

I was flagged and DQed this morning in the BRS TT race at about 4km. No change to my Kickr1, P1 pedals, and weight at 61kg (yes, a little guy).  Update applied last night. The only other influence may have been my 9yo son riding last night (12 hours earlier) on my account as we await your approval of our parental request ticket. I double checked before this mornings ride and all settings were correct. Then I saw the note about your “new algorithm”.  The ride is:

Zwift - BRS Time Trial DQ

  • Stephen Jackson [Team X]
  • 6:05 AM Feb 15, 2017


(Jon Mayfield) #2

Hi Stephen, I’m looking at our ‘alert’ logs we have and see you were flagged for doing a little over 500w for 5 minutes.  Does that sound right? 

Do you have a link to your strava for the ride you were flagged on?

(Stephen Jackson [X]) #3

Hi Jon

 a long way from Adelaide!


No indication of that sort of power!