Flagged at the finish line of zwift race


I raced the KOA Sport League race last night and about 20 guys in the front bunch all got flagged as we crossed the finish line. We are all excluded from the results it seems on app and Zwiftpower.
Any idea if its possible to solve this? or is the race just gone?


If you were flagged doesn’t that mean you were over the specified wkg for the category and should have been excluded, because you should have raced a cat higher?

We were all in the highest cat (A) and that doesnt really explain why the first 5 riders didnt get flagged but the next 20 odd did. Here you can see the big time gap from 5th - 6th where we should have all placed.

Ok, now that does seem odd. I didn’t think there were any limits on the A races, so being flagged seems like some sort of bug. Was there a message, or any signal, or were you just not in the results?

Yep at the end of the race as we crossed the line in the bunch we all got the flag on our name on the right box and the message saying we were “super human” or whatever it says.

The odd thing was it popped for all of us at the same time as we crossed the line!

Zwift has hard time limits for some of the laps on course (for example, the Volcano lap). If you go faster than those time limits you get the “Uh oh” cone regardless of how many watts you were doing. A group full of A+ riders can end up riding so fast that they all go faster than the lap limit.

I remember one series of races a year or two back where everyone would get an aero power up each time the crossed the line on the Volcano lap. Not surprisingly, giving everyone aero power-ups led to some very fast lap times which triggered a few cones.

I’ve seen the video for that race and the last lap seems to have been done in 11:13 which for a 9.3km lap which is 49.7km/h. I think you guys must have been right on the time limit which is why some people may not have been coned if they were a second or two slower on the lap.

Yes we would have been around that time (there isnt a strava segment for the lap but a guess by dragging it and get 11:20 odd)

So is there anyway to undo this?