Strava flagger

curious who would flag my ride on strava with the solo KOM for the orange jersey sprint, citing bad GPS data? can you have bad GPS data on zwift? i mean hey, its just strava, but happy to set that time and KOM again.

Strava envy… LOL

12s is my best time and the time that was flagged. 13s is the unflagged KOM, which I also got on my first ride.

I mean, whatever, it’s virtual racing on a virtual island. It just means you feel like why bother going for segments if someone will just flag it, right?

That is weird, imo flagging is lame unless it was in a car or super obvious glitch. I had been looking at that 12 seconds kom because I wanted to go for it. It was a good effort but it didn’t seem impossible, so not sure why anyone would flag it.

I did notice something odd about that segment, a quirk that happens with short segments in strava. If you let off the gas just after the line the time goes to crap. That’s usually because of strava’s segment tool not snapping to the actual gps points strava uses to calculate a time. So I think the actual finish of that strava seg is a meter or two beyond the finish line in zwift. You can see this effect on short rides if you analyze the effort. It’s actually super dangerous in real world segments because many segs look like the end at intersection, but to kill the time you have to go beyond the intersection!

You can appeal that flag with Strava support I think, but not sure how you discuss it since it’s a game not real world.

yeah, what i noticed about that particular segment was the start of it on strava was actually before the start in the game, so i came into it full throttle super early on that effort and drove it past the line on purpose just to make sure.

appealed to strava, will see what they say. i plan on doing the strava segment again sometime soon, just to do it again (even though its no longer a jersey in the game) to prove to whoever it was who flagged it.

Go for it!

I think as long as you did the ride with a real powermeter then you should be able to get it unflagged by talking to support. As far as I know zwift and strava are working together so they both know which zwift rides are “real” and which ones are suspect.

Same thing happened to me.
First time ever I’ve had a ride flagged on strava.

Whoever did it even flagged it twice. Strava support said they didn’t support uploading trainer based rides for KOM rankings, I think whoever answered didn’t know what swift is.

My ride today was auto-flagged as “incorrect activity” yet I couldn’t change it. (Nor would I know what to change it to.) I selected “Trust me, it’s OK” or something like that and the flag disappeared. Odd, though - Zwift/Strava connection should bypass this stuff.

I too have been getting all of y recent Zwift rides flagged. I don’t know who is doing it, but I’m having to delete y Zwift rides from Strava just to un-flag it. ugh!

I have sent Strava Tech a suggestion that they need to introduce a “game” or “Simulation” flag just like they have a “stationary bike” flag. This way Zwift riders can have all their leader boards, but not effect their strava real ride data.

We all know that the speed, altitude, and power are all simulated. It is a game and I’m addicted to zwift. We just need Zwift and Strava find a way to play nice and make all heir members happy.

Zwift Team, Keep up the great work.I just Love it!