Who is flagging Strava activities and why?

(Jesper Theil Hansen) #1

For the first time I’ve had a ride flagged on strava. Now I could understand it if I had blasted up Alpe d’Huez in 22 minutes flat, but in this case I did a fun trainer session and along it had a few epic sprint battles with “E. Min” who beat me solid on the mountain, but I managed an Orange jersey sprint that I think clocked in around 12.86 or so.

I’m pretty sure some of the power beasts on here easily betters that but for now it puts me at KOM on Strava.

Or … it did, but someone has flagged the ride - twice. And both times without even leaving a note.

So, my day in the spotlight has been revoked - obviously not a big deal, but it just struck me as a super douchey thing to do.

As a side note, strava apparently rounds down to the nearest second which makes the speed differences seem larger than they are.

(Eric Min) #2

Nice sprinting! Not sure who is flagging you (it’s not me) but let’s not forget (everyone) that this is all just for fun. :slight_smile:

(Shane Williams USMES) #3

My metric century was just flagged. I think it is because by default Zwift rides are not saved as trainer rides when in fact they are. So if we are completing challenges like the Gran Fondo which state that the rides have to be ridden outside. I challenged the flagging and am waiting for a response from Strava support.

(Shane Williams USMES) #4

Found this on the strava support site; Virtual trainer activities done on software such as Zwift, BKOOL, Tacx, and others can have inaccurate speeds and segment times. Because of this, the activities need to be marked in one of four ways. The activities can be marked as either Private, Stationary trainer, a workout, or the activity can be flagged.

If you still want to show off your activity map to your buddies, marking the activity as a workout is the best option. If you want to see segment times, but not affect the leader boards, please flag the activity.

Unfortunately, because these rides are virtual, we can’t allow times from these activities on public segment leaderboards, nor can we allow the activities to be counted towards challenges (unless otherwise specifically stated in the challenge rules).

(Ramon Hermida) #5

Yes, but if you set as “Stationary Trainer” the GPS coordinates and MAP go away from the activity. Also, you can no longer see segments on Zwift Island :frowning: