Flagged on Strava - Wrong Activity Type

(Steve Whiteley) #1

Kinda funny in a way. Someone flagged me (even worse someone who probably knows me) - I’m guessing this happened because I didn’t select ‘Stationary Trainer’ - if you do this however, your elevation data is removed - which isn’t really correct, as I climbed it and my speed was adjusted accordingly. 

I can see Strava having to have a different activity type setting in the future

Oh well, some people are very petty, it’s like flagging LTD cos he took their KOM


(Steve C) #2

Wouldn’t the recorded power reflect that though? Any stationary trainer that’s recording power and simulating climbing would look exactly the same. Speed would drop but wattage would stay the same (assuming the same effort)

(Steve Whiteley) #3

Exactly, i just don’t think people understands how it works yet, as i said, a bit petty

(Crystal Haggard ZHQ) #4

We’re working closely with Strava to come up with a solution that will make everyone happy.  Stay tuned! 

(Don Barnard) #5

I flag my own virtual trainer rides that contain real world segments so as to not compete with people who really ride on those segments, which of course isn’t an issue with zwift island. It’s not so bad since it still shows all the data like a real bike ride. It just has that annoying red banner. :slight_smile:

I agree that it would be better if Strava had a better work around for this type trainer.

(Jeremy Brazeal AETNA R/T (A)) #6

not sure why you were flagged because everyone riding ZWIFT segments are on trainers or rollers. Unless, someone saw that you rode an uphill segment at like 30-35 MPH and thought it was a bit odd. Which it would be regardless of ZWIFT or not. I am on Strava, but don’t really pay attention to it so I guess I don’t know enough about it to understand what your issue is. Curious to know about it more though.

(Andrew Williams) #7

Are you doing any Strava challenges?  Sometimes whiners gotta whine about people on Zwift getting elevation and miles for those challenges.  Additionally, whiners gotta whine when you beat them on mileage and elevation in your club.  Oh, and whiners gotta whine when you …



whatever… whiners gotta whine.  Just clear the flag.