Wrong profile for Alpe du Zwift KOM on Strava

Not sure if this is the right place to ask but here goes:

Has anyone taken a look at the current KOM performance for Alpe du Zwift on Strava? The elevation profile is completely wrong.

If you look at anyone else on the board – or even your own Alpe du Zwift climbs – and you’ll see anelevation profile that is a relentless climb upwards. But for the KOM , the profile is up and down – mostly down.

Is this a Zwift issue? A Strava issue? Something else?

Interesting. Some of top10 have correct profile and recent rides, others are recent and not correct.

Cant find a corresponding Zwift ride for those that have have the incorrect profile so not sure where error is coming from.

I would guess that Strava is erroneously looking at the profile of the real-world coordinates of Alpe du Zwift (which map to a Pacific island) rather than to the elevation actually ridden in Watopia.

Probably a good call, in which case using Strava’s fix “Elevation” would sort if those people impacted used it. Or maybe they did use and thats why it changed from virtual.

Ah! That sounds like it. So that would mean that this this guy really did ride the KOM but then erroneously corrected his elevation and it came out like that. He still rode the time he rode (the watts don’t lie) but the profile plot looks long.

Does that sound like it?

Times should still be spot on, correct.

Interesting. Now the activity in question is reported as no longer existing. When you click the link the from the leaders list it says it could not be found. So either the guy deleted it or somebody reported it (I promise it wasn’t me).

But now somebody else has uploaded a new KOM that not only has the same completely wrong elevation profile but is a full two minutes faster than the previous KOM. And he averaged 503 watts for almost half an hour. And his cadence occasionally exceeds 200 RPM

Am I wrong in thinking someone has discovered some loophole here?

(For what it’s worth, my personal best puts me lower than 72,000-th place on the leader board so I don’t feel I have much of a vested interest here aside from not liking cheaters)

I did see a couple of comments on one activity yesterday where it appears someone had commented yesterday’ish despite it being an older ride, and I cant see that one anymore. The rest are the same activities I reviewed yesterday with the current “leader” having done his ride 11 Dec.

I just changed a ride I did recently - 60k Tick tock with a total of 175m ascent. Asked Strava to correct with its own GPS data and elevation is now 2715m and the “real” profile is shown. None of the segment or overall times have changed apart from a few stats.

Whether all those rides are genuine or not … haha, probably not for a discussion here.

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Definitely a Strava issue. They change out door rides also. I stopped paying for Strava.

Oh well. I guess you can worry too much over this stuff. I just would like to be amazed by performances that I know are real. It’s tough to tell sometimes.

I hear ya Joe. One of those in the top10 is a Pro so at least one is real I reckon :grinning: