Alpe Du Zwift elevation on Strava

Has anyone else experienced extremely inaccurate and erratic elevation plots for ADZ on Strava? This may well be a Strava issue rather than a Zwift one. I’ll try to contact Strava as well.

Climbing ADZ starting from the Jungle Loop results in an elevation gain of 1061 meters. The last couple of weeks, Strava has been reporting 1959 for this climb with a crazy irregular elevation plot.

This is more of an irritation than a problem. I just wondered if others were noticing the same. As mentioned above, the problem seems to be at the Strava end, so will try to raise the issue with them too.

Presume the elevation correction in Strava doesnt work?

I’ve had a one-off weird elevation profile but didnt bother checking where the problem was. Could be fit file data is corrupted somehow, in which case you can potentially correct and reload the activity. I wouldnt preclude Zwift from being the problem either - you can check the altitude recorded in the fit file manually and correlate against your ride to see if Zwift is actually recording it correctly. for fixing for checking what zwift recorded

I’ve had similar issues on Road to Sky and Climbers Gambit (The Academy Baseline ride).
For the latter, a fit file reader shows the whole ride is nearly at least 500m above sea level and quite erratic. Strava’s interpretation of the same FIT file is worse with it going repeatedly above and below sea-level and several long sections with no elevation data.