Elevation Gain

(Andrew Short) #1


I’ve climbed aver 3000m in the past 4 days. However, I don’t believe my elevation gained is being properly updated accordingly (only increased by about 500m)

Interestingly, on two of these rides my climbing included Alpe du Zwift, and I’m pretty sure these two climbs weren’t added to my elevation gain?

Also, the M climbed listed in game are different to those listed on my.zwift.com


(Andrew Short) #2

Hi, I’ve since climbed over 1000m more since my previous post. My elevation gained has only increased by roughly 120m

Considering i’m really close to gaining the Tron bike, this is REALLY frustrating. Please help. 


(David K) #3

I’m sorry you’re noticing discrepancies in your climb distance. I’m going to open an email support ticket for you so I can request a few resources to research through. Please check the email inbox associated with your Zwift account when you have a chance.

(Michael Adams) #4

I am noticing a difference in the elevation gain in my online profile vs game profile as well. I am wondering which one is accurate and if there an issue there too.