Missing elevation

(Phillip Abbott RCC) #1

I did a ride on 29th March and it saved out to Strava with 194m elevation. I rode last night (1st March) and it saved 0 elevation despite doing several laps.  Is there a known issue with elevation output?

Running Mac version on 13" Macbookpro with iOS app running at the same time throughout the ride.  Garmin Vector pedals, garmin HR sensor and Garmin speed and cadence sensors on turbo trainer

thanks, Phillip

(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #2

Hi Phillip,

You should send in a support ticket if you are having issues with Zwift. Additionally, check to see if the ride was submitted as a trainer ride or not - if it’s a trainer ride then it will strip all elevation and segments from it.


(Phillip Abbott RCC) #3

Yes it turns out it was submitted as a trainer ride.  I’ve edited the entry in Strava now to remove that and the elevation has come back.  Won’t be doing that again :0

Thanks for your help Eric.  Happy Easter